Terrey Hills


Duffys Forest, NSW

Large Gardens
About This Project


This botanic garden in Terrey Hills displays a range of native and exotic species. Trees species were sourced from various nurseries throughout Australia. Access to the garden is in the form of a meandering path that hugs the contours of the natural embankment. The path comprises of honed sandstone with a single brick edge for stabilisation. Where retaining walls were necessary, sandstone ballast block work was specified with a 300mm capping piece for seating and relaxation.

Commercial levels of irrigation have been installed to cater for the large amounts of plants used to create this beautiful botanic garden. Garden lighting was also installed so that the property could look as magnificent at night time as it does in the day.

The back of the property was designed to be viewed from four different vistas of the house. As you move from room to room the crane statues are placed in a way that cater for each different vista. The jade pebbles border the surroundings to represent water, and the 600×400 white limestone pavers bring light to the area usually shaded by the house roof.

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