Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

Having your own herb or vegetable garden is a very rewarding investment. You can harvest your favourite vegetables through the year, and enjoy them in fresh meals. Now that we have hit the colder months of the year, you can cook with seasonal produce such as garlic, snow peas, onions, carrots, cauliflower and shallots. These are perfect in anything from a hearty minestrone soup, casserole, or home made pies. Lone Pine Landscapes are masters of landscape design and construction, so we are able to create practical vegetable gardens to suit any space.

Planning your vegetable garden

If you have the vision of a vegetable garden, but you are unsure of where to begin, we can step in. Lone Pine Landscape’s landscape design service is ideal for converting your ideas into a realistic plan. We can provide advice on how to maximise the existing space, while sticking to your budget. From here, we are able to 3D render a landscape design which can truly help you imagine your future veggie patch.

Construction of your veggie patch vegetable garden

Construction of your vegetable garden couldn’t be easier. We pride ourselves on constructing every project with the client in mind, BIG or small. Lone Pine Landscapes uses eco friendly materials to protect against leaching unwanted chemicals into the veggie gardens, non-invasive construction techniques, and we constantly keep you in the loop. We are highly experienced in timber works and irrigation projects; the construction process will result in a practical herb of veggie garden which will bloom for years.

The future of your vegetable garden

Your new vegetable garden constructed by Lone Pine Landscapes will be built to last. This addition to your landscape will allow you to grow, harvest and eat your own home-grown produce. Not only will you consume fresh produce, but you can feel proud that you grew it yourself! Contact us to start planning and constructing a vegetable garden you’ll enjoy for seasons to come.

Lone Pine Landscapes

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