Turf Cell

What is Turf Cell?

Turf Cell is a system which reinforces the growing media around grass roots. Doing this helps to assist water filtration and minimises soil compaction for healthy lawn growth under traffic. As part of Lone Pine Landscape’s landscape service, we recommend using Turf Cell for problem areas of your lawn that does not grow due to cars parking on it, or even for areas which are used as a continuous route for foot traffic.

Where can Turf Cell be used?

This system is great for areas adjacent to driveways or for finding that bit of extra room needed to park another car. Adding more concrete or paving may harden the look of your properties entrance (and not be suitable for councils hard to soft ratios). Another great use for Turf Cell is under lawn passage ways which over time has reverted to dirt due to the compaction of people walking back and forth. The great thing about Turf Cell is once it’s installed it is invisible, and delivers all the benefits of maintaining turf roots under extreme conditions to ensure you have a lush green lawn regardless of its use.

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