Pool Surrounds

Pool Surrounds

When considering your pool surrounds, there are two main factors to take into account: the regulatory guidelines for a safe and effective pool surrounding; the stone arrangement which circumnavigates your pool.


While this mightn’t be the sexiest aspect of pool design, it is certainly the foremost concern. Pool “fencing” does not need to be the drab assortment of unsightly rails most of us a used to. In order to comply with the current standards, home owners are afforded some flexibility.


Best to reference the NSW Fair Trading for a comprehensive outline of the current regulations and guidelines.


The stone arrangement you decide on while require synchronising with the pool type you have. The difference between a salt water pool and a chlorinated one impacts massively which styles of stone will be appropriate for you water feature. The stones you decide on play in integral role in establishing the pool aesthetic. They set the tone for your guests and residents alike by establishing the tone and style of the area.

Tavertine has been a mainstay of pool surrounds for landscaping services. Tavertine is almost entirely slip free due to its water absorbing capabilities. It is very versatile in regards to its weather proofing – and is capable of withstanding a host of conditions. Tavertine comes in a wide variety of colours and is generally chosen for its professional aesthetic.

Limestone is another versatile option. Often chosen due to its adaptability as it can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. It is time proven as a hardy and weather resistant construction material and is applicable to a number of situations because of the numerous colours it comes in. Landscapers have used Limestone for eons and will likely continue to do so.

Sandstone is versatile for the complete opposite reason. It comes in an extremely uniform colour. If the pool or setting presents a dramatic aesthetic and requires muted tones to compliment it then Sandstone provides an effective backdrop.

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