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decking, frameless glass fencing, stone clad wall
About This Project

This project was set around a Premier Pools installation, the construction brief was to restore the existing deck that was aging and compliment the newly installed infinity pool with natural products that blended into the existing house and the surrounds.

This pool had a balance tank which collected the water that would spill over the infinity edge of the pool line, this being a concrete shell needed to be covered but as mentioned, needed to tie in with the house. The house was built with a Sandstone Base foundation hiding the actual foundations of the house. With left over sandstone already on site, we cut thin 30mm cladding pieces out of the sandstone blocks to allow the wall to be cladded. This allowed us to make the best use of the existing on site material, but still giving the impression of a sandstone wall.

Once the blocks had been cut into strips they were rock faced by hand to make them look weathered and natural. They were then adhered to the wall using a glue.

The Deck was refurbished with new waterproofing to protect the under storage room below it, and a Spotted Gum deck was fixed to a treated pine H3 frame.

The surroundings of this pool was 12mm toughened glass with stainless steel spigots. The base of the balance tank was fitted with a fiberglass sheet mesh and then covered with black pebbles. This allowed lights to be installed, and the water that flows through disappears seamlessly into the balance tank underneath the pebbles and mesh.