Stage 1- Book A Consultation

The initial consult is an onsite verbal exchange where potential design ideas and

opportunities are discussed in an open and collaborative manner.

Our team will help guide you through the process,

and will answer any questions you have.

Click here to Book A Design Consultation

Stage 2 - Review Your Concept Plan

After your consultation, you will be sent a fee

proposal outlining the cost of your Concept Plan.

Once you decide to go ahead,

our team will commence work on your Concept Design Plan.

This may include plan views, elevations and 3D drawings,

images of key design elements and recommended plant species.

Stage 3- Submission and Approval

If required, Lone Pine Landscapes will prepare and submit all necessary

documents as part of the approval process to your local Council.

Stage 4- Construction Documents

Once the Concept Plan is finalised and you are happy to progress with the project into the Construction Stage, our Architects begin the Construction Plans.

These are high detailed drawings of the construction of your project which are paramount to provide clarity and ensure a high level of finish.

Once you are ready for construction to begin you will receive a draft contract.