Castle Cove


Castle Cove, lower North Shore, Sydney

Courtyards, Garden, Pool
About This Project


This Recently completed property in Castle Cove was a great renovation which we are very proud of. The existing house was brick with light terracotta tiles on all balconies and surround the pool area. The front of the property was largely enclosed by hedging and was quite dark in the front of the house due to this. We started by providing scaffolding which was erected to allow us access to all 3 stories of the house. We then rendered the house, re waterproofed the balconies and tiled them. Then all existing tiles were removed from around the property and the areas were all waterproofed in preparation for new porcelain tiles which we then laid. We built additional stairs and retaining walls to open up access to all sides of the property and making the grounds practical as well as aesthetically appealing. We are extremely proud of the results.

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