Newly Built and Project Homes

As we have developed as a business at Lone Pine Landscapes we have adapted new skills, qualifications and most importantly experience in all scopes of landscape works. This allows us to confidently offer all your landscaping needs in regards to newly built homes and projects homes Sydney wide. It can be daunting to see the amount of work still needed to complete your dream home once the building of the house itself has been complete. Vacant blocks of clay and mounds of dirt around your recently built home is our canvas and our speciality. Lone Pine Landscapes can turn the empty clay surrounds of your property into the finished landscape you were dreaming of.

The scope of our work includes (but is not limited to) driveways, boundary fences and front walls and entrances, gates and automatic driveway gates, retaining walls, drainage and water runoff solutions, lawn and gardens, paving and patios, decks and pergolas, water features and feature walls, herb gardens and veggie beds, letterboxes, side gates and security gates. Once your house has been built ready to live in, let us come and complete your landscape garden and surroundings to bring your dream home into final reality.