Glass Fencing Sydney


With the popularity of pools these days there is an increasing need for pool fencing to keep the children safe.  Of course, you also need to have boundary fencing and the front fence in particular needs to have some street appeal if it’s to add value to the property. Very often, people don’t consider the style and design of the fence to any great extent because it is such a utilitarian item.


But just because it is necessary and useful doesn’t mean it can’t also be distinctive or even beautiful. The better your fence looks, the more it will enhance your property and offer street appeal that is sure to attract buyers when it is time to sell. Even if you don’t want to sell any time soon the look of the fencing will certainly have an effect on the value and look of your property.

A fence needs to offer

  • durability,
  • security and
  • strength

to keep pets and children in and intruders out. It also need to offer aesthetics because it is like a picture frame; something that sets off the picture of your home and enhances it.

In the case of a pool fence, it is really good if it also offers transparency, as toughened glass does. This is because the backyard is nicely landscaped you don’t want the view of the fence to make it appear smaller by cutting the yard in half. It’s great to be able to see the whole of your property whether you are inside the pool area or outside it.

We offer many fencing solutions to our clients; solutions that are tough, durable, good-looking and affordable. Our fences can be made from many different materials from timber to concrete, glass or steel, blocks or brick– or a combination of any. All are designed to make your property look as good as possible as well as providing security for you and your family.

In fact, it’s not too much to say our fencing solutions are designed artistically to give our clients beautiful fencing solutions they can be proud of, and that make their home stand out even more as well as being functional.  So whether you want a pool fence that looks wonderful while still keeping pets and children safe, or a boundary fence that offers security from intruders, contact us right now. We are ready to take your call and discuss your needs.

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